Account types

There are several user types with different access rights:

  • Advertiser is the owner of ad campaigns. They have access to ad campaign statistics. Optionally, they can manage banners in their ad campaign.

  • Site owner is a representative of the site where ads are placed. They have access to ad campaigns and statistics for their site.

  • Assistant helps the administrator in their activities. They have access to reports and widgets for campaigns. They can manage their own campaigns.

  • API Assistant uses the Adfox API methods but has no access to the Adfox interface.

User roles are assigned by an administrator, who is the owner of an Adfox account.

User rights

The administrator can configure user access to various features based on their potential permissions. See the table below for the rights for different user types.

  Advertiser Site owner Assistant
Viewing reports
Creating and editing reports
Viewing ad campaigns
Managing ad campaigns
Viewing banners
Managing banners
Viewing sites
Managing sites
Editing banner types and templates
Adding advertisers
Setting up external monetization

Tabs available in the Adfox interface

Depending on the assigned rights, users can see different numbers of tabs in the interface. By default, the following tabs are available:

  • Campaigns
  • Settings
  • Reports
  • Campaigns
  • Sites
  • Settings
  • Reports
  • Campaigns
  • Sites
  • Underdeliveries
  • Settings
  • Monetization
  • Reports
  • Marking
  • Mobile mediation

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