How resource quality affects revenue

What is resource quality

Yandex assigns a quality indicator to each resource in the Yandex Advertising Network. This indicator is calculated based on the set of metrics where the resource conversion rate plays a critical role. If it's highly likely that a user will perform a target action after clicking an ad, then the resource quality is considered high.

How we assess quality

Yandex analyzes the traffic of every participant of the Yandex Advertising Network. Special algorithms are used to track user behavior, conversion (the share of users who interacted with the ad and performed the action required by the advertiser), and other factors. A website is considered a good-quality resource if it has a high conversion rate.

The quality of your resource is under continuous re-evaluation. For instance, if a lot of random clicks are detected in a particular ad unit, the resource's quality rating may be lowered. Conversely, the quality of your resource will go up if you change the position of an ad unit and that results in reducing the number of random clicks.

How your revenue depends on quality

Impressions on high-quality websites bring in more revenue. This pricing strategy lets sites receive fair compensation for placing ad units.

For each ad unit, we regularly measure the proportion of clicks that lead to bounces on advertisers' landing pages. If the proportion of such clicks is high, then a system requiring extra confirmation before taking a user to the advertiser's website can be put in place for the ad unit in question, in addition to reducing the resource quality. When the ad is clicked, the buttons Go to site and Cancel appear. The user is only taken to the website if they click the Go to site button. To learn more, see Confirming site clicks.

If the quality of the resource keeps declining, the site may be rejected. If this is the case, we recommend improving your website's content and user metrics. To learn more about reasons for rejection and remoderation terms, see Moderation.

How to manage quality

Yandex doesn't disclose data about the quality of each specific site. This helps us prevent fraudulent companies from deliberately affecting the quality.

We recommend that partners track the price for 1000 impressions (CPM). A decline in the CPM may indicate that the site quality is getting lower if other reasons (such as seasonal fluctuations and changes in site settings) are excluded.

How to improve your resource quality

  • Make sure there's a good balance of ads and content on your resource. Remember that users come to your website for content. Ad units should not be intrusive or get in users' way.


    If ad units on your site visually prevail over content, your resource may fail moderation and be rejected until you correct the violations.

  • Make sure that your ad units don't interfere with the content and are positioned in a way that doesn't lead to random clicks on ads.


    If you use any methods to artificially boost clicks or conversions on advertisers' websites, we may block your domain and account in the Yandex Advertising Network. After that, you'll lose the opportunity to work with us further.

  • On your site, use all available designs and ad formats, such as media and video ads. You should also add text and image formats with Smart Design technology.

  • To familiarize yourself with the Yandex Webmaster team recommendations, see What is a good site and a low-quality site, according to Yandex?

Beware of scams!


If the site owner takes part in a fraudulent scheme, all risks related to that fall on them. The owner will lose money and get banned from the Yandex Advertising Network permanently due to violations of the Rules of participation, which prohibit the use of services that artificially boost impressions and clicks.

We don't recommend using the services of people or organizations who claim they will help you raise your CTR, the number of clicks, or revenue, grow your userbase, or make other similar offers. They often rely on prohibited methods, hence using them may get your account banned. Such people may even act without your knowledge or consent. Scammers usually want you to share part of your income with them.

Our partners occasionally receive offers from little-known companies who can supposedly increase their revenue from the Yandex Advertising Network. These offers vary from optimizing ad unit placements to switching to a fixed payment. However, such companies often use the same fraudulent scheme: they ask the website owner to place an ad unit code registered by the fraudulent company, then they generate a large number of fraudulent clicks on the ads that are placed on the partner's site. If the site owner takes part in this scheme, they also get banned from the Yandex Advertising Network.

Please remain diligent and skeptical of all offers for quick and easy money.

If you receive a similar offer, please tell our support service about it. This will help us improve our security system to prevent similar fraudulent actions in the future.

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