Monitoring availability

We have implemented monitoring functions in Yandex Metrica to notify Yandex Advertising Network partners about potential problems accessing ad platforms.

Our monitoring algorithm constantly tracks site traffic statistics and, in the event of sharp fluctuations, checks the availability of potentially problematic sites by requesting their homepage. Partners who sign up for our monitoring notifications receive two types of messages that contain site addresses:

  • Problems with a site if the site does not respond.

  • Notification when site access is restored (i.e. when it comes back online).

Please note:

  • To fully utilize the site monitoring function, there must be sufficient traffic (more than 100 page views per week). Monitoring of sites with low traffic is not guaranteed.

  • Site availability is checked by the robot with the useragent Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; YandexMetrika/2.0; + In some cases, server settings could ban requests from unknown browsers, which could lead to false triggering of site unavailability notifications.

Subscribe to monitoring

You can sign up for monitoring notifications on the tag editing page in Yandex Metrica by selecting Notify me about problems with my site.

You can also sign up for SMS notifications and specify the time of day during which you would like to receive them. To obtain SMS notifications, you need to specify your mobile phone number.

The monitoring status is indicated next to the site address in the list of tags.

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