Configuring an InStream unit

To configure a unit you already created, go to Ads in videos → InStream Video Units and click Edit in the line with the desired video unit.

All changes to unit settings take effect automatically 2 hours after saving them. You don't need to reconfigure video ads on your site.

You can't change the position of the created unit. Create a new unit with a different position and move the old unit to the archive.

General settings

In the General tab, you can change the name of the video unit, its maximum duration, and the maximum number of videos.

Traffic management strategies

You can change the selected impression strategy on the Strategy tab.

Location-based ad serving

You can restrict showing video ads to users from a specific geographic region on the Regions tab.

In the region tree, select one or more regions. Set the CPMV floor in rubles without VAT in the CPMV field. The CPMV floor of a higher-level region is automatically applied to all its nested regions.

To completely prohibit ad impressions in a region, select the region and choose the Disable option.

Deleting a unit

You cannot delete an InStream unit. But you can archive it:

  1. Go to Ads in videos → InStream Video Units.

  2. Select a unit and click Send to archive. The unit is then moved to the Archive tab.

To restore the archived unit, click Restore.

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