Video advertising integration models

Yandex Video Ads SDK technology allows you to embed video ads into content hosted on websites partnered with the Yandex Advertising Network. This library is integrated in a video player and can display a video that supports the VAST/VPAID standards. You can use the Yandex video player or any third-party video player to play those ads.

Two integration schemes are used for displaying video ads:

  • The partner embeds the Yandex Video Ads SDK library into their video player.

  • The partner uses the video player and video hosting provided by Yandex. In this case, the Yandex Video Ads SDK library is embedded in the video player automatically.


You can use the VAST 2.0/3.0 player to embed video ads into mobile apps. You can also use the Yandex Mobile Ads SDK libraries (support rewarded videos and full-screen ads).

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