Setting up display criteria

Display criteria are logical conditions. When the condition is met, the user sees the question. You can set up criteria in the question editing window.

Scenario mode

This mode is good for linear surveys with simple logic.

Let's say that you are developing an app for listening to the radio in the car and want to learn about user preferences.

You need to identify a group of people who already listen to the radio. In the scenario mode, your question “Which radio station do you prefer?” will be shown to users who responded “Yes” to the question “Do you listen to music in the car?” and then selected “FM or AM radio” when responding to the question “What are you listening to?”.

Flowchart mode

This mode is good for non-linear surveys with a complex structure. In this mode, you can add both single impression criteria and blocks of criteria. Blocks are connected by the AND/OR operators.

Let's say that you are creating a survey about an online catalog of car services. One of your tasks is to improve the registration procedure in the catalog. To do this, you need to survey users who had issues during registration. You have formulated the question “What difficulties did you have when registering?”. To show this question to the right group of people, you need to set up the display criteria for it.

This group includes respondents that responded to the question “Did you try to look up your service in the Car Services section?” with “No, I haven't tried yet” or “I looked it up, but couldn't find it”. As a result, people who found their car service in your catalog will be excluded from your sample, but those who aren't registered in the catalog will remain. But people might not be registered in the catalog for other reasons, not just because they tried and couldn't.

Create a second branch in your flowchart, and add to the display criteria those users who in response to the question “Have you tried to register your car service?” said “Yes, but I ran into difficulties”. Then your question won't be displayed to people who had no problems registering.

As a result, your survey will include users who failed to register in your service for some reason. They will see the question “What difficulties did you have when registering?”

Each question/answer pair is a branch in the scenario. Scenarios are linked by the OR operator and branches are linked by the AND operator.

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