Reports and statistics


To get a report on a survey on your customer database, use questionnaires in your wallet. For more information, see Poll your base.

The report appears immediately after the survey is launched. You'll get the results on your My surveys page and in your profile's mailbox.

You can also access the report from the survey page. To do this, go to Results and click View results.

The report contains:

  • Details about the number of questionnaires started, that is, in which respondents answered at least one question.
  • Details about the number of completed questionnaires.
  • Details about the number of unfinished questionnaires, that is, in which respondents answered some but not all of the questions.
  • The overall conversion rate from the first question to a completed interview – the ratio between completed questionnaires and started questionnaires.
  • Questionnaire cost.
  • Average questionnaire time.

Actions with statistics

In the report, you can:

  • Download statistics on responses in PNG format. To do this, click ;

  • Export all question statistics as an Excel file. To do this, click Export to Excel and then, when the data is generated, click Download results.

  • To share a link to the survey results, click Share and copy the link.

Problems and their resolution

Why did I get more responses than I needed?

You might get a larger number of questionnaires for technical reasons. For example, multiple respondents were doing your survey at the same time at the moment when the required number of questionnaires was reached. You don't have to pay for these extra questionnaires.

Contact support

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