Задание #T5470


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The Loneliest Island

(1) In the middle of the cold South Atlantic Ocean, one island stands alone. (2) It lies near Antarctica.

(3) But it is far enough away that early explorers had (DIFFICULT) ________ finding it.

(4) At about four miles long, the island is covered with glaciers. (5) It is home to an (ACTIVE) ________ volcano and huge amounts of ice. (6) The island is cold year-round, with an average temperature of about 29° F.

(7) The steep cliffs that surround the island make sea landings almost (POSSIBLE) ________. (8) This is Bouvet Island, the loneliest island in the world. (9) A French explorer discovered Bouvet Island in 1739.

(10) However, the island was so difficult to approach that nobody set foot on it for (NEAR) ________ a hundred years. (11) No people live on Bouvet Island, and little vegetation grows there.

(12) In recent years, Bouvet Island has had a little more (INTERACT) ________ with the world.

(13) Norway, which claimed the island in 1928, set up an unmanned weather station there in 1977. (14) Today, this quiet island near the South Pole sends weather data to a satellite, which transmits the information to (RESEARCH) ________ in Norway. (15) Meanwhile, Bouvet Island stands strong and silent in the harsh climate.
Образуйте от слова (NEAR) в предложении (1010) однокоренное слово, так, чтобы оно грамматически и лексически соответствовало содержанию текста.
Полученное слово введите в поле ответа.