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Read the text below. Choose from (1—7) the one which best fits each space (A—F). There is one choice you do not need to use.
  1. which make it a heaven for bird watchers
  2. cut away from the rest of the world about 6 million years ago
  3. that is mainly engaged in agriculture and hunting
  4. Socotra supports one of the world's most amazing plant life
  5. they all deserve a big thankful hug
  6. the islands have a seriously harsh climate
  7. some of which go as deep as 7 kilometres

The Lost Islands of Socotra, Yemen Socotra is a collection of 4 islands (A) ________. Socotra’s long isolation has given birth to a unique variety of endemic flora, giving Socotra the distinction of being “the most alien looking place on earth". Besides, (B) ________. The average temperature around the year is about 25 degrees Centigrade. Rains are very scanty and strong winds hit the island in monsoon.

Socotra’s geography is also a major reason why it is such a fascinating place. Its little patch of land has a diverse geography. The landscape consists of features like plains, plateaus, sandy beaches and mountains as high as 1503 meters. The plateaus are full of caves, (C) ________. There are sand dunes and amazing beaches which add to the awesomeness of the place.

In spite of the scorching temperature, (D) ________. Socotra is home to a total of 825 plant species, out of which about one third are found nowhere on earth. The islands also offer a diverse show of fauna, with birds mostly dominating the environment. Socotra has about 140 species of birds (E) ________.

The 4 islands of Socotra have a total population of about 70,000. The inhabitants are mostly of Arabian and African origin. They are peaceful, joyful, and hospitable. For me, (F) ________ for conserving this amazing ecosystem for the rest of the world.

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