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Jack was full of energy and (A)________. He built a house and a barn and a blacksmith shop. He was a good carpenter and clever with his hands, but he never made any money. He built a machine for (B)________ wells, and he found water on other men’s land but not on his. And he invented another machine that harvested other farmers’ wheat. Other men took Jack’s ideas and made money from them, but he never did.

Men came from all over the Valley to his blacksmith shop. He (C)________ their tools and replaced their horseshoes, but he was not a businessman. His customers promised to pay him after the harvest, then after Christmas. Then they forgot and he did not know how to (D)________ them.

Men also came to his blacksmith shop just to visit Jack. They loved to listen to his rich, deep voice as he talked about the world outside the Valley. He had a good gift (E)________ telling stories, and there were always three or four men standing (F)________ him as he hammered.

Jack was a good listener and people (G)________ him with their secrets. He had some knowledge of medicine as well, and a gentle touch. He delivered all of his own children, and neighbours often called him to help with a difficult birth. There were not many doctors at that time.

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Выберите из предложенных вариантов слово, которое пропущено в тексте рядом с буквой A.
  1. invention
  2. suggestion
  3. idea
  4. theory
Запишите в поле ответа цифру, соответствующую выбранному варианту.
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