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Windsor Castle

(1) Windsor is a small town not far from London which is about a thousand years old.

(2) It became the setting for The Merry (WIFE) ________ of Windsor, Shakespeare's only comedy that takes place in England, when Queen Elizabeth I commanded (HE) ________ to write a play for her court.

(3) What the town is famous for today is Windsor Castle, the Royal residence. (4) From a plane Windsor Castle with its big round tower looks like a child's dream of a sand castle. (5) Sadly, in 1992 fire (DESTROY) ________ a large part of the castle buildings.

(6) Since then the Castle (REPAIRE) ________. (7) It required a lot of money. (8) To pay for it, it was decided to open Buckingham Palace to the public at selected times of the year and to charge visitors a fee.
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