Установите соответствие между текстами A-G и заголовками 181–8.
  1. The person the university is named after
  2. The great variety of faculties to choose from
  3. University sports clubs and teams
  4. The famous graduates of the university
  5. The university research opportunities
  6. Opportunities for international students
  7. The students and the students’ life
  8. The university’s locations then and now
A. There is no doubt that Michail Lomonosov was an outstanding person of many talents and remarkable abilities. He was born in 1711, not far from Arkhangelsk, Russia. The boy was very curious and had a passion for learning. However, the village where he lived could not provide any education opportunities. When very young, Lomonosov left his village for Moscow. He became an outstanding mathematician, scientist, and writer. In 1755, he founded the university which is now considered to be the top university in Russia and has the name of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

B. Every year, Moscow State University accepts applicants from different countries of the world. There are numerous exchange programmes as well. The university also offers a wide range of post-graduate programmes and courses for international specialists in science, culture, and business studies. A lot of foreign students see studying in Moscow State University as a great chance to learn and master the Russian language, and to explore Russian culture.

C. Moscow State University provides good opportunities for studying and has a strong focus on research work. It boasts modern and well-equipped laboratories. There are more than 500 research teams in which the students and the academic staff of the university work together on the most challenging scientific and technological projects. At the Department of Space Sciences, for example, they deal with black holes and people’s behaviour in zero gravity.

D. In the 18th century, the university had only three departments: philosophy, medicine, and law. Now there are more than 40! Whether you are interested in sciences or humanities, Moscow State University has a lot to offer to you! All the faculties maintain a high level of education. According to the students’ opinion, one of the toughest faculties is the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics.

E. The number of students of the university is really impressive – it is about 40000! Naturally, their time at university does not mean only learning. On the campus they have sports facilities, swimming pools, a museum, and a theatre. The university houses musical and cultural events, and certainly the students have their own traditional holidays – Students’ Day, for example. It is celebrated on January 25, which is the date when the university was established.

F. When the university was founded, in 1755, it occupied the very impressive building of the Grand Medicine Store on Red Square. In 1787, the Empress of Russia Catherine the Great decided to move it to a new building on the other side of Mokhovaya Street. Later, the university went through several more relocations. Since 1953, most faculties have been on Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory), in the south-western part of Moscow.

G. Moscow State University has all the reasons to top the list of the best universities in the Russian Federation. The people who graduate from it are specialists in high demand. A good number of Nobel laureates started their academic career there – like the physicists Igor Tamm, Nikolay Semyonov, Pyotr Kapitsa, Alexey Abrikosov and others. The Nobel Peace Prize awardees Andrei Sakharov (the human rights activist) and Michael Gorbachev (the first President of Russia) were students of Moscow State University too.
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