Прочитайте тексты и установите соответствие между текстами и их заголовками: к каждому тексту, обозначенному буквами A–G, подберите соответствующий заголовок, обозначенный цифрами 181–8.
  1. Where to stay in the city
  2. Beautiful and very effective
  3. Opportunities to meet any interests
  4. The facilities for playing sports
  5. Educational entertainment in the city
  6. The beautiful sights of nature
  7. Historical attractions in the heart of the city
  8. A popular type of winter entertainment
A. Moscow is a city where you can never feel bored. It offers its citizens a lot of different ways to spend their free time constructively. In other words, the people of the city can spend their free time in a pleasant, exciting, meaningful, and useful way. They can choose from a wide range of various activities – they can visit a theatre or an exhibition, go to a sports centre, disco, concert, club whatever. There are a lot of places suitable for children where they can learn something new in an interesting and entertaining way.

B. A cold and snowy day, with low temperatures that make the air feel freezing, is not a reason to stay at home. One of the places Moscow residents enjoy visiting at weekends and during the long New Year holidays is the skating rink. There are many outdoor skating rinks. They are beautifully lit and decorated, with music and small cafés where the skaters can have some hot tea and snacks. Not only children and young people come to the skating rink – you can also see a lot of middle-aged and senior people who love skating.

C. It’s not easy to stay healthy and fit in a megalopolis. Fortunately, in Moscow, there are many recreational zones. Apart from the cycle lanes, and places for jogging and exercising in the parks, people can attend numerous sports centres, gyms, and swimming pools, which are conveniently located within most residential areas. Many schools and kindergartens can boast well-equipped sports grounds, indoor gyms and even swimming pools.

D. Moscow schools are remarkable due to the facilities they offer their students, but that is not all. In Moscow, school children have unique opportunities to learn history in the best historical museums and astronomy in a modern planetarium. There are many excursions, lectures, quests, and masterclasses, specially designed for curious young people. The children feel involved and are glad to take part in the activities not only during the school time but at weekends and during holidays too.

E. Moscow is famous for its parks and gardens. The green areas are necessary for people's well-being, and the residents of the megalopolis appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of flowers and trees. Some parks, like Tsaritsyno, Sokolniki, and Kolomenskoe are really huge. By walking there, one can totally escape the noise of the city. There are also relatively small but charming gardens, like Neskuchny Garden where children and adults can watch the squirrels and feed the birds.

F. On weekdays and at weekends, the centre of Moscow is always crowded. Not only the locals, but also most visitors, have a very busy programme too – there is so much to see and do in Moscow! Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral and other masterpieces of old Moscow never fail to amaze guests. The Moscow Kremlin looks grand and impressive. Its architecture, interior and treasure collections make it a magnet for tourists from all over the world.

G. There is one memorable place most foreign tourists mention when they talk about their trip to the capital of Russia. That is the Moscow Metro. The most beautiful subway in the world is also very efficient. The metro lines are spread under the city like a huge web, which makes every destination easily accessible. The trains come to the stations every few minutes and bring millions of passengers every day. Most people prefer the metro to other means of transport.
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Используйте каждую цифру только один раз. В задании есть один лишний заголовок.
Запишите в поле для ответа последовательность цифр, соответствующих текстам ABCDEFG.
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