Smart home control concepts

Yandex Smart Home helps you combine devices from different manufacturers into a single ecosystem that has a friendly voice interface. The manufacturer only needs to support the open device management protocol and create a smart home skill in Yandex Dialogs.

How it works


Voice assistant Alice.


Smart device provider. A company that sells smart home devices and provides an interface for managing them. Examples: Phillips Hue, Legrand, Redmond.

Adapter API

Intermediate provider API. Accepts input requests in the Yandex Smart Home format and converts them into requests to the provider's own smart device management API.

Provider IOT API

The main provider API to control smart devices that they manufacture.

Providers Smart Devices

Provider's smart devices.

Yandex Smart Home

Yandex's service for managing smart devices. Sends requests to the Adapter API in the Yandex Smart Home format.

Yandex App

Home with Alice app for smart device management.

Sample scenario

  1. The user has purchased a smart light bulb and wants to control it using the Home with Alice app and Alice voice assistant.

  2. If this is the first time the user accesses the Yandex services, the user account in the smart device provider's system must first be linked to the user's Yandex account.

    2.1. The user opens the Home with Alice app, taps plusCreated with Sketch. in the top right-hand corner, and chooses Устройство умного дома (Smart home device).

    2.2. The user finds the developer skill and links the accounts.

    2.3. After the accounts are linked, the device list is automatically updated.

  3. Yandex Smart Home requests the details of user devices from the provider.

  4. Then the user opens the device management screen and Yandex Smart Home sends the provider a request for the user device status. As a result, the user can see the device with its current status on the screen.

  5. If the user wants to turn off a light bulb, they tap the off button in the Yandex App. At this time, Yandex Smart Home sends the provider a request to change the device state, and the bulb turns off.

  6. Now the user wants to turn off the air conditioner using the Alice voice assistant. The user makes a voice command, such as: “Alice, turn off the air conditioner”. Yandex Smart Home sends the provider a request to change the device state, and the air conditioner turns off.

Frequently asked questions

How do I delete smart home devices if I have deleted my skill?

To completely remove devices from the smart home list, first delete the room where they are located:

1. Open the Home with Alice app.

2. Tap  → Homes → [home name] → Rooms.

3. Choose [room name] →  → Continue.

After that, when you open a device page, you will see the settings screen with the Remove device button at the bottom.