Terms of Use of Yandex.Overload

1. General Provisions

1.1. YANDEX LLC (hereinafter referred to as Yandex) offers an Internet user (hereinafter referred to as the User) to use Yandex.Overload available at: https://overload.yandex.net (hereinafter referred to as the Service).

1.2. These Terms constitute an addition to the User Agreement for Yandex Services relating to the use of the Service. In all other respects not covered by these Terms relations between Yandex and the User associated with the use of the Service shall be governed by the User Agreement for Yandex Services (https://yandex.ru/legal/rules) and the Privacy Policy (https://yandex.ru/legal/confidential).

1.3. When turning to the Service / its certain functions, the User is deemed to have accepted these Terms and the terms of all documents mentioned above in full, without any qualification or exception. If the User disagrees with any provision of the said documents, the User may not use the Service.

1.4. These Terms can be amended by Yandex without special notification. Revised Terms shall come into effect from the moment of posting in the Internet at the URL specified in this paragraph, unless otherwise stipulated by the revised Terms. The current version of the Terms is always available at: https://yandex.ru/legal/overload_termofuse.

1.5. If Yandex makes any amendments to these Terms in the manner specified in cl. 1.4 hereof, and the Users disagrees with these amendments, the User shall stop using the Service.

2. Use of the Service

2.1. To start using the Service, the User shall install the Service software available at: https://github.com/yandex/yandex-tank.

2.2. The Service provides the User with the functionality:

  • to process results of load tests conducted by the User on its equipment;
  • to view results of its test and results of tests of other users, including information on configuration files of the test, on test requests set in the configuration file. To view the testing results, the User shall use its account details.

2.3. The User agrees that the information it places on the Service (except for URLs of tested services) and results of the User’s tests can be available to other users both directly at the Service website and on other Yandex services. The User agrees that configuration files of the test can be viewed by other users, if the User independently provided access to view them.

2.4. When publishing results of load tests at third-party websites, the link to the Service is required. The name of the Service shall be reproduced as specified: Yandex.Overload, hyperlink: overload.yandex.net.

2.5. Yandex reserves the right to limit the User’s access to the Service (or to individual functions of the Service if technically possible) by using the User’s account or to fully block the User’s account in case of repeated breach of these Terms or the documents referred to in these Terms.

2.6. Yandex reserves the right to set any rules, limits and restrictions (technical, legal, organizational or other) to the use of the Service as well as to change them at its discretion without any prior notice to the User. In cases when allowed by the legislation, such rules, limits and restrictions may differ for different User categories.

3. Liability

3.1. Yandex shall take all reasonable measures and perform all practicable actions to ensure the integrity of the User’s data and maintain performance of the Service. The User is aware that there may be technical faults and failures in the operation of the Service and agrees that for Yandex it is technically impossible to predict such faults and failures, to notify the User of them in advance or to fully exclude them. Regardless of the reasons and consequences, the occurrence of such faults or failures may not be the basis for subjecting Yandex to any sanctions.

3.2. The User is aware and agrees that the User shall assess at his discretion all the risks associated with the use of the data placed in the Service including evaluation of reliability, completeness and safety of such data.

3.3. Any data obtained with the use of the Service shall be used by the User at his own risk, and the User shall be liable at his discretion for possible consequences of the use of such data. Yandex bears no liability for any type of damages resulting from the use or unavailability of the Service or its individual parts/functions, including due to possible errors or failures in its operation, except in cases expressly stipulated by the legislation.

3.4. Irrespective of the User’s location or the location of the User’s equipment, any and all relations in connection with the use of the Service shall be governed by the law of the Russian Federation and any and all claims or lawsuits arising out of the use of the Service shall be submitted and considered at a court at the location of Yandex.

3.5. Yandex may furnish the User with a translation of these Terms into other languages, but in case of conflict between the Russian version of the Terms and its translation, the Russian version shall have legal effect.

Date of publication: 23.06.2016