Changing user account settings

Change your password

The password used to access the Yandex Advertising Network is also used across all Yandex platforms, which is why you can only change or restore it in the account settings:

If you wish to change your password, go to Account management in your Yandex ID and click Change password in the Passwords and authorization section.

Editing contacts

Contact information is displayed on the General tab. To change your contact information, edit the relevant fields and click Save.

Changing payment details

To change your bank details, go to Banking details, update the information, and click Save.

Changing the currency of CPM floors

By default, CPM floors are indicated in rubles without VAT. You can change the currency of floors for RTB units on the websites and in apps in the account settings:

  1. Go to the Settings → General tab.
  2. In the CPM currency field, select a currency: US dollars or euros. This currency will be applied to all CPM floors in RTB units on the websites and in apps. In other products, CPM floors will still be denominated in rubles.
  3. Specify the conversion rate for the current CPM floor values. Please note that amount is only converted once when the currency is changed. The conversion can't be reversed.
  4. Confirm the conversion at the specified rate and click Continue.
  5. Click Save to enable the new settings and start the conversion of the thresholds you already set.
    Attention. The system needs a few minutes to perform the conversion, depending on the number of blocks with CPM floors on the platforms. You can't edit RTB units during this time.
After that, you'll be able to set CPM floors in dollars or euros.
How RTB auctions are held
The RTB auction is still held in rubles. During the auction, CPM floors in dollars and euros are converted to rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the current date.
How to view statistics in dollars or euros
By default, all financial indicators are displayed in rubles (regardless of the selected CPM floor currency). To view statistics in dollars or euros, change the currency at the top of the screen when creating a report. For more information, see Choosing the report currency.

Subscribe to our mailing list

Use the General tab to subscribe to or unsubscribe from newsletters.

The Advertising Network monthly newsletter keeps you up-to-date with our news and provides helpful advice and recommendations.

By subscribing to statistics monitoring, you'll get daily statistics on products placed for the previous calendar day compared to the same day the week before.

Newsletters will be sent to the addresses specified in the Email field.

Global blockings

Use the Blockings tab to block impressions for unwanted ads. The set restrictions apply to Yandex Direct ads in Yandex Direct and RTB units on all the user's platforms and mobile apps.

You can block ads:

  • By website domain.

  • By mobile app Bundle ID.

Specify domains or Bundle IDs separated by commas and click the button on the right. All changes to settings automatically take effect 2 hours after saving them.

To cancel a blocking, find it in the Domains and Bundle IDs list and delete it using the element (appears on hover).

Note. Note that disabling ads that link to certain domains may result in a reduced number of ads being displayed and potentially may reduce your revenue from ad placement.

You can also disable unsolicited ads on your platform (or mobile app) by changing the platform (or app) settings, and you can restrict impressions for ads in any RTB units. All the restrictions you set will be taken into account.

Blocking accounts

If we detect that the security of advertising materials is under threat, Yandex reserves the right to terminate an ad platform's participation on the Yandex Advertising Network and block a partner account in order to protect the interests of our advertisers as well as to protect our automated algorithms that we use to detect invalid impressions or clicks.

Accounts are only blocked if a thorough analysis of the situation leads us to conclude that posting ads from our advertisers on websites registered to your account is unsafe. Blocked accounts cannot be restored.

Yandex takes the security of its placed ads very seriously, therefore we don't disclose many details about why we block partner accounts or comment on the severity of a violation or ways to rectify the problem.

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