Becoming a partner

Yandex Advertising Network provides ad placement opportunities on websites, in mobile apps and in video content. Please make sure you're familiar with the Terms of Participation in the Yandex Advertising Network before signing up.

The procedure for becoming part of the YAN will vary based on the kind of website you're hosting.

  1. Fill out the application. After filling out the application, your site will be submitted for moderation automatically. Usually the moderation process takes less than a day.

  2. Once your website passes moderation, create your first ad block. All the possible ways of embedding ads on your website are outlined in Ads on websites.

  3. Embed the ad's code on your website.

To learn more about displaying ads on your platform, see Start displaying ads.

Attention. To receive remuneration for serving ads in the YAN, you must specify correct payment details. To learn more about receiving remuneration, see Documents and payments.