I need more info about payments

If you have questions about payments or bonuses for an order, choose the order from the list and write to us.

I didn't receive any money for an order that was less than three days ago. You will get paid within 3 days after the order was completed. You don't need to do anything. Your payment will arrive in three days automatically. Sometimes you might only receive a part of the money due. Don't worry, the rest of the money will reach you soon.

I didn't receive any money for my order, and it's been more than three days. Please contact us in the order comments and we'll sort it out.

How are fees deducted? Fees are commissions taken on orders. They are deducted automatically for every ride. There is a fee deducted by the service as well as another fee deducted by the taxi company (if you work through a taxi company). You can see the fees for each order in the Balance section.