Семинар "Why do people use short queries in real life? A session-based analysis of short query effectiveness"

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В рамках Цикла Научных Семинаров  выступит Kalervo Järvelin - Professor at the Dept. of Information Studies and Interactive Media, University of Tam­pere. Kal’s research covers information seeking and retrieval, and database management; and linguistic and conceptual methods in IR. He has authored some 250 scholarly publications and supervised fifteen doctoral dissertations.

Тема доклада: Why do people use short queries in real life? A session-based analysis of short query effectiveness.

Тезисы: There is overwhelming evidence suggesting that the real users of IR systems often prefer using extremely short queries (one or two individual words) but they try out several queries if needed. Such behavior is very different from the process modeled in traditional test collection-based IR evaluation based on using more verbose queries and only one query per topic. In this talk we will evaluate sequences of short queries as sessions based on empirically grounded session strategies. We employ a TREC test collection with graded relevance judgments and simulate sessions based on session strategies for repeatability and control. The experimental results indicate that web-like very short queries (including one-word query sequences) typically lead to good enough results even in a TREC type test collection. This finding motivates the observed real user behavior: as few very simple attempts normally lead to good enough results, there is no need to pay more effort. We conclude by discussing the consequences of our finding for IR evaluation.

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Традиционно семинар будет проходить в московском офисе Яндекса.

Докладчик будет читать на английском языке.


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