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Search Suggestion Link/Api

8 мая 2016, 14:10

How can i get related search suggestions in a response of xml or json for my project ? Is there any search Suggestion Api just like the google/youtube provides ? I am unable to find that or if there is a related technology regarding the search Suggestions ? Please guide me. 

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Елена Першина
8 мая 2016, 14:11
Hi! We have Yandex XML here: https://xml.yandex.ru/settings/
However, I am not sure that it is what you want – here we have limits for search + it is for the whole Internet. Therefore, you need to make additional settings for the Site Search.
In addition, we have HTML+CSS in our Site Search: https://site.yandex.ru/ - we make it instead the XML-search. So, what do you want to do, that can’t be implemented with HTML+CSS?
Елена Першина,
What I want is the search Suggestions from the Yandex Search engine. The autocomplete behavior when you start searching in the search box in any search engine. how to access those items /retrieve the items? Site search demands me to have a website that should be registered by them but I want to use it in my Application.  
Елена Першина
10 мая 2016, 14:46
Do you need suggesions for the all internet or just for the content from your site?
Елена Першина
12 мая 2016, 17:56
Sorry, we do not have Suggestion as open API, only Site Search Suggestions.