Terms of Use of Yandex.Telemost

1. General Provisions

1.1. YANDEX LLC (hereinafter referred to as Yandex) invites an Internet User (hereinafter referred to as the User) to use the functionality of Yandex.Telemost service available online at https://telemost.yandex.ru (hereinafter referred to as the Service) including as part of other programs, products and/or Yandex services (hereinafter jointly referred to as Yandex Services).

1.2. By using the Service, the User acknowledges and agrees that the following documents, the terms whereof fully apply to the use of the Service, form an integral part of these Terms (hereinafter referred to as the Regulatory Documents):

The Terms of Use of the relevant Yandex Service, which are available online at https://yandex.ru/legal, regulate the use of the Yandex Service's main features which includes Yandex.Telemost service.

1.3. By starting to use the Service / its certain functions, the User is deemed to have accepted these Terms and provisions of Regulatory Documents in full, without any reservations and exceptions. If the User disagrees with any of the provisions of the said documents, the User may not use the Service.

1.4. These Terms and provisions of the Regulatory Documents may be changed by Yandex without any special notification, with the new revision of the Terms and Regulatory Documents to become effective once published on the Internet at the URLs indicated in this clause and in the clause 1.2 of the Terms. Current Terms are always available at https://yandex.ru/legal/telemost_termsofuse?lang=en.

1.5. If Yandex has made any amendments to these Terms according to the procedure specified in Clause 1.4 hereof and the User disagrees with these amendments, the User shall stop using the Service.

1.6. By using the Service, the User gives his/her consent to receive informative and promotional messages. The User may unsubscribe from these messages by using relevant functions of the Service or following instructions specified in a message received.

2. Terms of Using Certain Functions of the Service

2.1. The Service makes it functionally possible for the User to organize and participate in a videoconference (hereinafter referred to as Conference) with other Users of the Service.

2.2. If a user wishes to create a new Conference in the Service (hereinafter referred to as the Conference Organizer), he/she needs to sign up as a new User of Yandex services under the terms specified in the User Agreement for Yandex Services (https://yandex.ru/legal/rules) or to log in to the Service using a user account previously registered in Yandex services.

The Conference Organizer may invite other Users to the Conference by copying a personal URL of the Conference generated by the Service (hereinafter referred to as Conference URL) through the Service's interface and sharing it with other people (hereinafter referred to as the Conference Participant) who can access the Conference by clicking the Conference URL.

Any Conference Participant also may copy the Conference URL and share it with other people to access the Conference.

The Conference Participant does not need to log in to access the Conference via the received Conference URL.

2.3. The Service provides the User with the function to share screen with other Conference Participants. By activating the screen sharing mode of his/her device, the User realizes that the Conference Participants are able to see the information displayed in the active window of the User’s device screen, and also agrees that as a result of the demonstration to the Conference Participants, confidential information at the User’s screen may be disclosed.

2.4. The user who has logged in to the Service using a Yandex Services account is aware of and agrees that when he participates in the Conference, his public display name (first name and first letter of his last name, unless otherwise specified) previously provided by him during registration or in the account settings of Yandex Services will be displayed and available to other Conference Participants, as well as, in case the video image transfer function is disabled, the image from his profile page (avatar).

The Conference Participant who has accessed the Conference via the received Conference URL without logging in to the Service may choose the display name in the Service settings.

2.5. The User undertakes responsibility to use the Service exclusively for legal, permitted and acceptable purposes in accordance with the requirements of the Terms and Regulatory Documents.

2.6. During the beta testing period, some functions of the Service may be limited, the Service may also undergo changes, both in terms of content and functionality and design. If there are problems, comments or suggestions for improving the Service, the User can use the feedback form available at https://yandex.ru/support/telemost/troubleshooting.html.

2.7. The Service may provide the User with the opportunity to record the Conference (hereinafter - Recording). After the User makes a Record, it can be saved on the User's device. Users participating in the Conference may be notified of the Record.

By starting to use the Service and accepting these Terms, the User agrees that their participation in the Conference may be recorded by other Users.

The User undertakes to use the Record in accordance with applicable law and shall be solely responsible to third parties for possible violations of third parties' rights related to the implementation of the Record, its storage on the User's device and its use, including, but not limited to, possible violations of legislation on personal data, on private life and use of images of citizens, copyright, rights to means of identification and other intellectual property objects.

Yandex is not responsible for the User's performance of the Record and its subsequent use.

3. Intellectual Property

3.1. Yandex owns the rights to all objects, which make up the Service design as a whole and some of its elements, as well as to the Service software. By starting to use the Service, the User guarantees that he/she does not and will not perform any acts aimed at bypassing security features designed to protect against the unauthorized use of the objects specified above. Any copying, reproduction, processing, dissemination, publication, bypassing security features, or other use of them beyond the functions provided by the Service as well as any commercial use shall be prohibited.

3.2. The service may use third-party software elements, in particular the jitsi software product provided by 8x8, Inc., under the conditions set forth by the copyright holder on the website https://jitsi.org.

4. Limitation of Liability

4.1. The Service is provided “as is”. Yandex does not guarantee that the Service complies with the User's goals and expectations, the safety of the data submitted and posted by the User in the Service, the error-free and trouble-free operation of the Service as a whole and its particular functional capabilities. Yandex may change the functionality provided by the Service at any time fully or partially.

4.2. The Service shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect consequences of any use of or impossibility to use the Service and/or any damage inflicted on the User and/or third parties as a result of any use of, failure or impossibility to use the Service or its certain functions, inter alia due to possible errors or malfunctions of the Service.

4.3. By getting access to the Service, the User agrees that the devices, software and Internet speed used by him/her are fully compliant with the required specifications allowing to view the Content with the quality acceptable by the User. Yandex shall not be held responsible for the User’s failure to participate in a Conference or for the low quality of transmission if this is conditioned by the specific character of the User’s device operation and the quality of his/her connection.

All issues relating to the Internet access settings, the settings of the User’s devices and software are not the part of these Terms' scope and shall be subject to independent resolution by the User.

4.4. Yandex is not aware of the content of the Conferences held in the Service, their purpose and the information transmitted as part of the Conference. The User is solely responsible for his/her actions while using the functions of the Service, as well as for damage caused to other Users and third parties.

4.5. Yandex reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to limit the User’s access to the Service (or its particular functions, if technologically feasible) using their account, or completely block the User’s account in case of non-compliance with these Terms and Regulatory Documents, or take other measures against the User to comply with legislative requirements or respect third-party rights and legitimate interests.

4.6. If there are reasonable grounds to assume that any laws, third-party rights and interests may be violated by information posted on the Service or actions of the User, the User can send a complaint via feedback form available at https://yandex.ru/support/telemost/troubleshooting.html or via Service's special functions.

5. Service Data. Miscellaneous

5.1. The functions of the Service can only be performed with access to the Internet. The User shall independently obtain and pay for such access under terms and as per tariffs of its telecom or Internet provider.

5.2. All data on the use of the Service by the User is stored and processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy (https://yandex.ru/legal/confidential).

In order to protect the User’s and its own equipment Yandex may limit the use of the functions of the Service by the User when detecting signs of suspicious activity in the Service or the use of malicious programs or codes by the User. The user is aware of and agrees that Yandex, for the specified purposes above, may analyze and research such malicious programs and codes in order to improve the quality of the Yandex automatic filtering and anti-virus protection.

5.3. The User is hereby notified and agrees that when he/she uses the Service, Yandex automatically and anonymously (with no reference to the User) receives the following information: operating system type of the User's device, IP-address, geolocation data, statistics and parameters for using the functions of the Service, and other technical information.

The User agrees that Yandex may receive information about technical errors that occurred during the Conference or access it in order to identify the causes of malfunctions and improve the quality of the Service.

5.4. Any information used in the Service is intended solely for personal non-commercial use. At the same time, any copying of the information of the Service, including via use of automatic and other software for accessing data, its reproduction, processing, dissemination, publication on the Internet, any use in the media and/or for commercial purposes without the prior written permission of Yandex is prohibited.

5.5. All questions and claims related to the use of / inability to use the Service and possible violations of laws and/or third-party rights by the User of the Service shall be sent via the feedback form at https://yandex.ru/support/telemost/troubleshooting.html.

Date of Publication: February 10, 2021.

Previous version: https://yandex.ru/legal/telemost_termsofuse/17072020