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A fan account on Instagram. We tell you how to manage your fan account so that your Instagram account doesn't get blocked.

How to maintain a fan account on Instagram
Instagram often blocks fan accounts dedicated to stars, popular bloggers and brands. However, the rules of the social network do not prohibit creating such profiles. So why does this happen?
Owners of fan pages do not indicate that the account is unofficial. It would be better to make it clear in the header of the profile that the page is about a public person or organisation and is meant to share opinions, news and so on.
Those behind such profiles often pass themselves off as a real person or brand ambassador. They speak on behalf of the brand and thus provide false information. They also post other people's photos and videos without author's consent. Don't be like that.
Pay special attention to the content. It's best to post photos not taken by you only after you've received permission from the owner. If you've received permission, then publish it, but be sure to note the author's name.
With video, this scheme also works. But beware, clips from TV channels, images from movies and other copyright-protected material can also be grounds for blocking your profile.
We advise you to read our posts on copyright (below in the profile feed) to avoid putting yourself in such danger.