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I need to finish a paper and I'm stuck in the middle. How do I get over writer's block?

спрашиваетOlga Zeveleva  · 1 ответ
Writer's block is a pretty common problem, however, writers have collected a lot of tricks which allow them to resolve it. I have read up on this issue and experimented with some of the... Читать далее

What online and offline sources, besides Oxford Bibliographies Online, can a student use to find best bibliography on a topic of interest in sociology?

спрашиваетTemur Kadirov  · 1 ответ
(1) LIBRARY OF CONGRESS AND THE BOOK BY THOMAS MANN ABOUT LIBRARY RESEARCH Library of Congress Electronic Catalogue. You will be surprised to learn how much LOC can offer. See this book... Читать далее

What are the downsides of Google Scholar search?

спрашиваетMasha Budrytė  · 1 ответ
Google Scholar (GS) does not show what websites or databases it covers. As a consequence, we cannot be sure that the search is deep. Neither can we be sure that all the results are from... Читать далее
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How useful are programmes like NVivo and Atlas.ti for coding qualitative data?

спрашиваетSarah Abel  · 1 ответ
I have taken a couple of courses on Computer-aided qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS), and have used it in my research. Once I used the program Dedoose for a paper with a... Читать далее