Maintenance Regulation for Yandex.Cloud Platform Services

This document is a translation of "Maintenance Regulation for Yandex.Cloud Platform Services" in English. In case of conflict between the Russian version of "Maintenance Regulation for Yandex.Cloud Platform Services" and this translation - only the Russian version of "Maintenance Regulation for Yandex.Cloud Platform Services" is legally binding. The Russian version of "Maintenance Regulation for Yandex.Cloud Platform Services" can be found here:

This document defines general terms of maintenance for Yandex.Cloud Platform Services and forms an integral part of the Contract to Use Yandex.Cloud Platform Services signed by and between Yandex.Cloud LLC (hereinafter referred to as Yandex) and you (hereinafter referred to as the Customer).

1. General Provisions

1.1.The prerequisite for Yandex to provide technical assistance to the Customer is the execution of the Contract, accepting and complying with the documents referred to in the Offer available online at:

1.2.If the Customer has any questions or incidents related to the operation of Yandex.Cloud Platform and its Services, Yandex provides the Customer with technical assistance in accordance with Section 2 of this Regulation.

1.3.Maintenance is performed in Russian and English (if necessary).

1.4.The Customer contacts the Help Desk by sending a request via respective Support Channel.

1.5.For the Help Desk to process the request promptly, the Customer should describe the problem/incident accurately, clearly, and competently (available description of the problem/incident, how frequently they occur, severity level, etc.). The request may include screenshots and graphic explanations.

1.6.For each request received by the Help Desk, a confirmation letter is generated and sent to the Customer featuring the request number and the date the request was received by the Help Desk.

1.7.Yandex's Help Desk will process the Customer's request within the time specified in Section 2 of this Regulation.

1.8.Yandex reserves the right not to process the Customer’s request, if the relevant request is meaningless, contains no question or appeal to solve a problem or resolve an incident.

1.9.Despite any provisions of the Contract or this Regulation, Yandex is not held liable and is not deemed to have failed to discharge its technical assistance obligations in the following cases:

a. failure to provide the Customer with advice on programming, web design, software settings, software installation errors, software code optimization, and other similar issues (except as stipulated by this Regulation);

b. the Customer using software incompatible with the operation of Yandex.Cloud Platform.

2. Maintenance Procedure

2.1.Maintenance includes the following care:

  • answering the Customer's questions related to the calculation of the cost of, and payment for, the Services;
  • restoring access to the Management Console;
  • providing general information on the Platform and the Services;
  • providing links to documents needed to work with the Platform and the Services;
  • assistance in setting up the Platform and the Services;
  • eliminating problems arising when the Platform and the Services operate;
  • providing general advice on the architecture of the Platform ;
  • FAQ.

2.2.Technical assistance is provided 7 days a week 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

2.3.Technical assistance is provided through the following Support Channels: email, instant messengers, and chat in the Management Console.

2.4.Time limits for the Help Desk to process the Customer’s request:

a. Email: 8 hours from when a request is received during working hours.

b. Email: 3 hours from when a Critical Request is received during working hours.

c. Chat in the Management Console: 10 minutes from when a request is received during working hours.

2.5.Between now and December 31, 2018 inclusive, the cost of technical assistance is included in the cost of the ordered Services and is not charged additionally.


The capitalized terms used in the Regulation and not defined in the Offer available online at: have the following meanings:

Support Channel means a communication method that provides means for the Customer to contact the Help Desk.

Critical Request means the Customer's request related to the need to eliminate an error in Yandex.Cloud Platform, which caused full or partial unavailability of a Service / the Services.

Help Desk means a service that provides care stipulated by this Regulation, if the Customer requests so.

Yandex.Cloud LLC (OGRN: 1187746678580)

Web address:

Date of placement: December 26, 2018

Effective date: January 01, 2019