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  1. Sites that can provide quick answers
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Sites that can provide quick answers

Online encyclopedias, popular science, theme-based, and Q&A sites.

What quick answer adds to search results

It contains a brief informative answer to the user's search query.

Quick answers can come in different formats, such as text, image, or phone number. There can also be format combinations. You can usually see quick answers above or next to search results. They can also show up as related questions for a particular topic. In this case, you can see quick answers between search results.

The goal of quick answers is to increase the proficit (usefulness metric for a user) of search results.

Answers contain an active link to the source site. Users can follow the link to get detailed information.

Quick answers are generated by various Yandex algorithms.

Sometimes you can see a quick answer right when you're typing a search query.

Quick answer by YandexGPT

Some quick answers are generated by the YandexGPT language model. YandexGPT finds several most appropriate sources based on the user's search query in real time. The neural network then summarizes the information in each of them, including if the text needed for the answer is divided between different parts of the page. After that, YandexGPT selects the most useful answer from the resulting options.

Such quick answers are generated only for Russia.

If you don't want information from your site to get to quick answers generated by YandexGPT, add a ban for YandexAdditional or YandexAdditionalBot in the file robots.txt.*


User-agent: YandexAdditionalBot
Disallow: /cats/mycat.html # restricts page content to be displayed in quick answers by YandexGPT

* The change will be taken into account upon search data update, within 2–14 days.

How to set up quick answers

Quick answers are generated automatically from pages indexed by Yandex.

The more well-structured and properly presented the information on the page is, the higher the chance it gets to a quick answer.

Date of page update: February 6, 2024.