Sites with disabled impressions

By experimenting with your ad campaign settings, you can prevent ads from being served on selected sites in the Yandex Advertising Network and in ad exchanges. There are two ways to do this.

  • On the campaign settings page, go to Advanced settings → Sites where impressions are blocked and enter the site domains, mobile app IDs, or names of ad exchanges you want to block from serving your ads (combined maximum of 1,000). You can specify a maximum of 20 sites for display campaign video ads under Sites where video ads aren't shown .

  • On the Statistics page in the “By site” report, choose sites from the list and block them in the Action drop-down list.

You cannot opt out of your ads being served in Yandex and search products. Impressions in ad networks, on Yandex sites, and Turbo sites will continue automatically, even if their URLs are in the blocked list.

If you add a site to the blocked list, campaign ads won't be served on either content pages of this site or search results for it. If you block impressions for an ad exchange, campaign ads won't be served on any of the sites in that ad exchange. However, if a particular site from a blocked ad exchange is included in YAN or a different ad exchange and you didn't block that site individually, then ads will continue to be served on that site.

To see what sites your ads were served on, go to Report Wizard and use the Ad platform name cross section.


Excluding sites and ad networks may negatively affect the performance of your ad campaign and cause you to lose some of your potential audience.