Display positions in Yandex Search

Ad placement in the search results

The number of ads in search results depends on the device on which the ad will be displayed.

Ads are placed in the following blocks on Yandex Search results pages:

Premium Placement

The premium placement block is located above the search results. It may contain up to four ads. Ads displayed in this block generate the highest number of clicks.

Guaranteed Placement

The guaranteed placement ad block can contain up to four ads. Generally, the guaranteed placement block is located below the search results. In some cases this ad block may be found to the right of the search results.

Note. Ads selected for premium placement and guaranteed impressions are guaranteed to be displayed for each search query that has an exact keyword match.
Dynamic Placement

Ads not included in guaranteed placement can be displayed in the dynamic placement block, rotating (alternating) with ads from other advertisers.

Usually, the dynamic placement block is located below the search results on the second and subsequent pages and contains up to four ads. If the guaranteed placement block is located to the right of the search results, the dynamic placement block is beneath it and contains up to five ads.

Prices for display positions

For each keyword, Yandex.Direct calculates prices for the following positions:

  • 1st position in premium placement
  • 2nd position premium placement (not displayed for mobile app ads)
  • premium placement entry
  • 1st position (in the guaranteed placement block)
  • guaranteed placement

A bid that equals (or exceeds) the price of a given impression position on Yandex's search results pages guarantees that your ad will display in said position when a user enters a query that matches your keyword exactly.

Adding coefficients that raise the CPC or additional settings that affect the price for mobile devices in the Bid Adjustments section does not change how impression position prices are calculated for ads shown on Yandex search results pages. Because of this, if one or more advertisers use coefficients or bid adjustments to attract a certain type of user, the set price may not be sufficient to end up in the desired position when ads are displayed to that particular audience.

How do ads end up in their position?

Ads are selected for display at each position based on their CTR, quality coefficient, and CPC. Ads with the highest performance indicators end up in premium placement and the guaranteed impressions blocks. Other ads may be included in dynamic placement blocks, where the likelihood of impressions also depends on these indicators.

A click forecast is used to calculate CTR. This forecast is based on accumulated impression and click statistics for keywords, as well as for other parameters that affect the likelihood of a click, such as the presence of search terms in an ad text, user behavior in a display region, and so on.

The quality coefficient takes many factors into account, including the relevance of the ad to the query, the ad statistics, relevance of the ad to the landing page, etc.

That way you can ensure that your ad will be placed in a higher position not only because you increased your bids, but also because your ads .

Learn more

  • Please read the ad display rules. These rules contain detailed information on the ad display terms and conditions.

  • To find out what factors affect the entry price for guaranteed placement, the 1st position, or premium placement, please see the Auction and Bidding section.