Maximize impressions for lowest price

This strategy lets you get the maximum possible number of impressions over a specific time period without exceeding your budget. Furthermore, the average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) will be kept to a minimum and not exceed the CPM set by the advertiser. This strategy is particularly useful if you want to pay as little as possible per impression yet still get the desired results.

Strategy settings

Budget distribution period
Enter a budget distribution period — either a time period or calendar week.

Enter start and end dates for the period. These dates should fall within the date range for the ad campaign itself. The maximum period is 90 days. The minimum period is one day (without including the day when the campaign is set up). The budget will be expended evenly over the period you enter. If you must set several time periods using different criteria, create separate ad campaigns for each one.

You can automatically extend the period in order to use your remaining budget effectively and reach a large audience. Your period will extend through your campaign's end date or until your budget runs out. With this strategy, the system will aim to distribute your remaining budget every day while factoring in your impression criteria and settings. All the while, the system will not exceed the budget and average CPM limits you set for the strategy. If the Continue automatically setting is disabled, then your ads will stop being served when the period ends.

Strategy budget

Enter your ad budget. When planning your budget, keep in mind that the minimum daily budget is 300 RUB (values for other currencies). Also note that switching between strategies, stopping your campaign, or changing your time targeting can all influence how your budget is spent.

Limit the average CPM

You can limit your average CPM. The minimum value is 5 RUB (values for other currencies). Look at the color scale: a bid in the green segment will give you more complete coverage, whereas a bid on the yellow or red scale will give you coverage at the same level as your competitors or lower.

The system will automatically set your CPM so that you get the most impressions at the lowest possible price. The average cost may fluctuate up or down over the course of the day. However, the average CPM over the entire period of the strategy will not exceed the limit you set.

Change the strategy settings

You can't change the strategy settings (other than to autocontinue the campaign period); you must configure new settings. Just click Create again when you edit the strategy. Keep in mind that the new period shouldn't start before the date when you configured the settings. Impressions will be paused until the date you entered for the start of the new period.

When the new budget-distribution period starts, the strategy will re-launch. The system always recalculates indicators after a strategy relaunches. That way it can create a new forecast and set optimal bids. This is done while saving and taking into account all statistics collected over the entire span of the campaign.