The app won't open or keeps crashing when I'm trying to use it

  1. Update to the latest version of the app.
  2. If you're using an Android device, check if it has enough RAM. If it doesn't, close other applications.

If the suggested steps didn't help, contact Support.

I can't install or update the app

Check that your device meets hardware requirements for the app to run. If it does, but you still can't install or update the app, contact Support.

The app is pre-installed on the device, and I can't remove it

Some manufacturers' devices already have Yandex Navigator pre-installed. You can't completely remove a pre-installed app, but you can disable it. In this case, the app will no longer run, update, or use your data.

The app has problems rebuilding routes, and the arrow keeps moving back and forth

The app may freeze if it can't detect your location or if it's detected incorrectly. Follow the suggested steps from the My location can't be determined section.

If the suggested steps didn't help, contact Support.

The app freezes and runs slowly

Your device may be outdated or out of memory.

To improve the app's performance, try closing other apps.

How to open links from the Yandex Navigator app in a browser

By default, all links open in the Yandex Navigator app. On Android devices, you can open links from the app in your browser. To do this:

  1. Go to Apps → Manage apps.
  2. In the upper-right corner, tap  and select Default apps.
  3. Tap Opening links.
  4. Find Yandex Navigator and select Ask every time under Open supported links.
I have a Samsung device

Maps or routes won't load

The app is experiencing problems connecting to the internet. Try the following steps:

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Check the location detection settings.
  • Disable your VPN.
  • Disable any antivirus software and ad blockers installed on your device.

If the suggested steps didn't help, contact Support.