Changes to goal tracking

Yandex Metrica has updated the algorithm for collecting data on goals. Now the statistics on the goals you use are more accurate. This mainly concerns goals like Page views.

In goal statistics, Yandex Metrica sometimes registered and recorded other events (for example, button clicks) if the identifier of such events contained a fragment of the target page address.

For example, part of the URL of the target page (registration page) in the “Registration on website” goal condition contained the registration fragment. At the same time, for the “Registration on website” goal, the “Successful registration” conversion, which is a JavaScript event with the ID registrationComplete, was also recorded.

The same applies to some goals like Page views where several conditions are specified. The statistics could include inaccurate conversions for one or more conditions.

We have changed the settings of the goals that capture additional events. Now, only conversions that correspond to the goal type are recorded in the statistics — only page views. As a result, you may notice a decrease in the conversion rate for some goals (for example, in the Conversions report).

Please make sure that the updated goal registers the exact events that you need.

If other events that were previously recorded in the goal are more important than page views, please contact us. We will update the goals so that such events are included in the statistics. The goal type will change to JavaScript event or Multi-step goal.

If you need to adjust the goal so that it will continue to record events other than page views, please describe the situation in the form.