Ranking offers on Yandex.Market

Ranking in the product profile

Note. This information only applies to default ranking (sorting) and applies to all display locations in the product profile, except the section “Low price”.

When ranking offers in the product profile by default, the following factors are taken into account:

  • Financial factors (CPC).

  • Non-financial factors (attractiveness of the product offer to buyers).

The position of the product offer (Roffer) is determined using the following formula:

Roffer =  ƒ(conv, bid, placement)


  • conv is the attractiveness of the product offer for buyers, calculated using machine learning algorithms. The calculation takes the following into account: store brand, number of reviews about the store, store rating, completeness of the product description, price of the item, the delivery terms and cost, and other parameters.

  • bid is the CPC in the product profile that was set by the store. If it hasn't yet been configured, then the minimum CPC is used.

  • placement is the placement location (page, section) in the product profile. Pages and sections in the product profile differ by their sets of characteristic parameters (conversion, CTR, and so on). This means that one offer may occupy different positions in different placement locations within the product profile.

Ranking in Yandex.Market search

If a user searches Yandex.Market for an item that has a product profile, the results will display the profile or a list of relevant profiles. Store offers are not displayed in this case.

If a user searches Yandex.Market for an item that doesn't have a product profile, then relevant store offers are displayed.

The default ranking algorithm:

  1. First, offers are ranked by their relevance to the query while taking into account the rating, delivery terms, and other characteristics. The higher the relevance and the better the parameters, the higher the offer's position in the ranking.

  2. Next, offers with the same or similar levels of relevance are sorted within their group by bid amount